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GSP Dorper Sheep

Providing Exceptional Dorper Sheep
Across Texas & Beyond

We offer Dorper Sheep for Sale in Texas. Dorper sheep originated in South Africa with the cross of the Horned Dorset and Blackhead Persian. We believe in breeding to and maintaining the South African breed standard in our flock. It’s very important that the unique combination of characteristics of the Dorper breed are not lost. Dorpers are a low maintenance, hardy meat sheep with excellent carcass quality.

Their adaptability to different climates and conditions along with their high fertility and twin rates make them special. They shed their hair/wool covering to varying degrees so don’t usually have to be shorn. Their tails do not have to be docked and they are non-seasonal breeders so they will breed year-round.

See For Yourself Why Dorpers Make An Excellent Addition To Your Flock

Our farm is just south of Mineral Wells in north central Texas near the Dallas / Ft Worth metroplex. If you are ever in the area, please give us a call. You’re welcome to visit and we would be glad to help you get started with Dorper sheep and add to or upgrade your existing flock. All our Dorper sheep for sale are registered with the American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society.

Dorper Ewes

Dorper ewes should be feminine and structurally correct with good maternal instincts. Our flock consists of registered fullblood and purebred ewes. Our ewes lamb in the pasture and raise their lambs in the pasture. Dorper ewes are good mothers and usually lamb unassisted. They often produce twins and occasionally a set of triplets. Since they will breed any month of the year, you can schedule lambing for the time of year that works best with your operation.

two lambs feed from mama sheep (ewe)
mother sheep (ewe) stands between two lambs

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Dorper Rams

We always use a registered Fullblood Dorper Ram in our breeding program. Each time we change rams we try to improve the quality as that ram is the sire to the entire flock. The flock sire should be masculine with good conformation, muscling and bone. The best ram lambs from each lamb crop are retained to offer for sale so we almost always have Dorper Rams for Sale.

photo of ram under a tree
ram walking along the grass outdoors

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Texas Dorper Sheep
Ewes & Rams for Sale

Quality Fullblood & Purebred
Dorper Sheep & Lambs for Sale

Instead of selling at weaning age (approx. 3 months) we prefer to let lambs mature a little more and then start offering for sale at 7 - 9 months of age.

We currently have registered fullblood Dorper Rams for sale.
We will have fullblood Dorper Ewes for sale later this summer that were born in Nov. 2023 - Jan. 2024.

All Fullblood Dorper Sheep & Purebred Dorper Sheep will be registered with ADSBS.

Goats for Sale

Like the Dorpers, our crossbred goats are hardy, low maintenance and are pasture born and raised. The market for these quality goats remains strong.

Spanish/Boer/Savanna cross goat kids, does & bucks available at market price.

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Bred & Raised in Texas
GSP Dorper Sheep

Registered With the American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society

We are Gary & Stephanie Payne and have been breeding and raising Dorper sheep since 2004. Our flock includes about 30 registered fullblood and purebred Dorper ewes along with a registered fullblood Dorper ram. They are pasture born and raised on our 100-acre farm just south of Mineral Wells, Texas.

Low Maintenance, Quality Sheep & Goats

Our flock is low maintenance and makes a living on native pasture with supplementation as needed depending on conditions and time of year. In addition to the Dorpers, we also run about 30 head of Spanish/Boer/Savanna cross does with a buck. These crossbred goats are a good complement to the Dorpers for our farm. Livestock guard dogs live in the pastures with the sheep and goats for protection and we use border collies to help move them as needed.

Please let us know if you are interested in our Dorper Sheep for Sale and/or our Goats for Sale. Both can be a good investment! Give us a call, text or email. We are always glad to try to help.

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Based in Texas, GSP Dorper Sheep provides high-quality ewes and rams.

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