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The ewes lamb year-round so we usually have fullblood Dorper lambs, purebred Dorper lambs and percentage Dorper lambs sired by our fullblood Dorper rams available.

We have used several fullblood Dorper rams in our breeding program.  We try to upgrade each time we change rams.  With the purchase of a larger farm we have added a 2nd fullblood Dorper ram to our flock.  This will allow us to offer unrelated breeding packages in the future.  

Using a full-blood Dorper ram with our current flock of ewes which includes fullblood, purebred and percentage Dorpers allows us to produce fullblood, purebred and percentage Dorper lambs.  More information about Dorper sheep may be obtained at www.dorper.org (the website for the American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society).  We are current members of this association.
Please see our Sheep for Sale page to see what is currently available.


GSP Dorper Sheep and Border Collies

Gary & Stephanie Payne
3868 FM 2256
Mineral Wells, TX 76067


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